Can't start Solid Inspector

I have added the extension and selected a group, but the Solid Inspector icon is greyed out and I can’t click it

Do you have TT_Lib2 installed? I think you have to have it installed as a basic library for Solid Inspector to work, IIRC.

yes, I installed from the warehouse, so the toolbar is floating over the model. It is however greyed out / not clickable even when I select a group

Did you try quitting and then restarting SketchUp after installing? Sometimes extensions don’t “take” without a restart because SketchUp loads Ruby code only while it starts.

Actually, on further inspection, the EW page isn’t saying TT_lib2 is required for it, so not sure now. Do try the restart suggestion. Also, questions about version numbers. There are versions 1 and 2 of Solid Inspector.

restarting worked! many thanks

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