Extension installed and enabled but cannot find it

Hey everyone, SketchUp Pro 2022 here

Solid inspector extension is installed. signed and enabled, but I cannot find it anywhere.


Go to Extension Manager, Locate Solid Inspector and enable it.

Then you will have:
Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Solid Inspector²
  • Toolbars » Solid Inspector²

Thanks dezmo, it is enabled but still can find it. I have tried restarting SketchUp to not avail tho.

Make sure SketchUp is not running. (Restart your computer and do not run Sketchup)
Locate the downloaded SketchUp installer file (or download the latest version from here: Download All | SketchUp )
Right click on the installer file and Select Run as administrator. When you are prompted select Repair.

(Ps: Please update your forum profile if you are using SU 2022)

One more thing come to my mind…
Did you installed the right newer version?:


(The old version requires TT_Lib² to be installed as well, and menu located in Tools » Solid Inspector)

Thanks again dezmo

Yup, was trying to install the old version. It works now with the new version : ))

Must admit, the museum roof I am trying to make solid has a shape that has so many faces that the tool cannot make it solid anyway.

Go back to 3D Studio Max to make the holes for the upper windows, it is just way simple that trying extension after extension after extension for SketchUp.

Regards and thanks again for your tips, appreciated.

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Or model it correctly rather than finding tools to fix it.