Incorrect 3D Warehouse rendering

Hello SU users! I’ve found out our models uploaded to WH are like coated by white film during viewing model on mobile devices. But, if this model is embed to website and viewed in it on mobile, this problem does not occurs. There isn’t the problem on pc web browser, in AR representation either. Just on WH directly and mobile.
I found out it happens after the diffusion extension came out, some AI implementation in WH? Or?

Models are made dynamic with same settings, materials etc, like before the problem occurs, just geometry is different.

Does anyone come across this also?

Link to last model: 3D Warehouse

Thank you all in advance

There are two ways of viewing a SU model, either directly the skp file or a AR (glib? A name like that) format

The skp file is used everywhere except in one field : AR

When you scan the AR qr code or, using your phone, click on the warehouse on the AR button, you see your model as you show us, this is not a SU view of a skp file but your file translated for the AR engine

This is actually a pre rendered 3d ready to view in AR, hence the blue button top right.
(Yes, it’s already AR even without the camera active)

And yes, the translation from skp to AR is at times a bit messy, colours change a bit, I’ve seen materials change a bit, a similar (in su) plain colour and a jpg will look sligthly different.

Also, the 3d rendering tool is not the same, so the light is treated differently.
The rendering tool is in charge of the light, that’s why it looks paler, like a white film, it deals with light weirdly (mostly because in the absence of « real » environment, the world is just white)

This is only inherent to the AR viewer, that’s why when you embed, it’s fine

Edited my post a bit, I typed it half awake in my first train of the day, it made more sense in my head.

Here is an example, in french (sorry, my phone REALLY don’t want the warehouse to switch to english :sweat_smile:)

If you click on the image at the top, it’ll prompt you to open it in the sketchup app. Even if you don’t have a subscription, it’ll work as a viewer.

If you click on « view in AR » (bottom left), it’ll open the AR ready 3d with weird lighting you have.

Just below the AR / download buttons, there is a share button (the square + upward arrow)
In there it gives you an « open with sketchup app » link. That link works in tour phone, you’ll see it in a sketchup window.

A bit crowded, but it’s the only 3 ways to see it on your device : official app, web app, and AR with weird light :upside_down_face:

The preview does show the wood texture as very bright. Viewed in VR it’s closer to the original.

Not sure why there are differences. @TheGuz may know.

Thank you a lot for your time and explanation. Good to know how WH use models for presentation. I knew that WH makes different variations for various uses/aplications, but to that vr/ar environment (before u click to that button) I didn’t know how it works.
In fact, I just wondered why this ocurs now, and there wasn’t problem with it before with the same model settings.

Yes, and that is what I would like to solve. What I know is that there wasn’t this problem about 14 days before. The models have still the same settings materials etc.
Thank you for your time and interest

Thank you for taking the time to let us know! We have recently updated out AR file exporter and there may be a setting for us to adjust to fix this. I’m putting in a request now and will update this as soon as we find the solution.

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