3D Warehouse's 3D viewer has been updated!

We’re pleased to let you know that 3D Warehouse has changed so that when you click the 3D WebGL viewer button…

…the model is displayed in 3D by using the my.SketchUp rendering engine.

Whenever possible, we combine technologies so that it’s a more seamless experience for SketchUppers around the world.

Since this is a big change, you may run into a snag or two in the beginning (we’ve been testing for a while, but a bug or two are always going to sneak in!). If you do, please create a new post in this 3D Warehouse category, or the my.SketchUp category, and we’ll look into it.

Please also review the System Requirements that you need to view 3D models in your Internet browser



Should I be able to enter the context of a group and manipulate the model?



I’m betting the answer is no. The announcement is that they are using the my.sketchup rendering engine for the 3D Warehouse Viewer.

But it is still only a viewer. And they aren’t using all of my.sketchup, only the rendering engine.

Thanks for the excellent feature update. I noticed that the 3D viewer in my.sketchup already has some fixes, like acknowledging layer visibility when the scene changes. Since you are already updating the code, would you please add a few event handlers in the javascript so that we can send events to the iframe to change the scenes from our hosting wep page. In particular please expose the following methods or similar:


It seems the way to do this is to is to create window.onmessage handlers (Window.postMessage() - Web APIs | MDN)

This could be accomplished with just a few lines of code and would be of tremendous benefit for those of us trying to guide users through our embedded models. Please let me know if you understand what I’m asking for and if it can be implemented.

Andy Likuski

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There seems to be an issue with ‘alpha channel textures’ (png) in the 3D viewer. Is there a cap on the amount of png textures that the viewer can display or some other limitation?

My model of the ‘Don Valley Stadium’ has a lot of png textures and they are not displayed in the viewer or the preview render. Strangely, the shadows of the faces are displayed.

Another model of mine, the ‘Marconi Radar Tower’, which also has a lot of png textures, is unaffected.

This is not an big problem for me, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of this and I hope it can be solved eventually.


@Tomdubbs thanks for the report. I have created a new issue and will update this thread once I have some more information.