Problem viewing AR

Hi! I have uploaded a few models in the SketchUp warehouse, and the AR view is not working correctly…
it displays white products without texture…
I tested the same file which works forward but now it does not work correctly… @TheGuz plz can you help me
graphic card : nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti

[Trimble Identity]
(Trimble Identity)

Hey chaimakhelifi11!
I tested this with an iPhone 13 Pro and here’s what I see. Possibly some inconsistencies with the metal parts showing in black and others grey. I wonder if some parts are “inside out”. Can you make sure the outer faces are indeed facing out and try uploading one more time? I’ll test this on my Android as soon as it charges.

Still testing to see if I can pinpoint the issue.

hi @TheGuz
thank you for your response!
I downloaded a lot of files before, it was all good…
This time I encountered this problem a lot with multiple files at once,
even files that were good, they don’t work now, still appear white with no texture.

hi @TheGuz
I hope you’re doing well.
Is there any news?!
I’m still waiting for your help plz.

hi @TheGuz

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