3d Warehouse AR Problème

my first models uploaded to 3dwarehouse display a View in AR button.
Now the loaded models do not display View in AR.
Can anyone help me plz I’m struggling what to do

On the right of the page, what is the number of polygons?

Hi Colin,

thank you for your attention,

Polygons 7423
size 1MB

I did a test with an old file which works perfectly, unfortunately the button does not appear also.

I guess that a fix that was done a few days ago is not working now.


Thank you for your reply!

So I can’t do anything right now? I just have to wait?

Yes. But so are we waiting. One of our internal projects is dependent on the AR feature working, so a few of us are pressing the developers to fix the problem.

I found your small model and created a bug report, and attached the model to it.