Linkle and Lana (Warehouse Transparency Issue)

I’ve noticed this issue for a while now, and thought it must have been reported already, but apparently not - if I’ve searched the forums properly.

Here is my recent glTF import from SketchFab as it appears in the 3D Warehouse:


And here they are in the actual downloaded model:

The differences are subtle and very difficult to spot.

The issue is that any object with any degree of transparency is simply not rendered for the 3D Warehouse images and renders by the ‘Large Hadron Collider’ WebGL engine. This includes transparency in a texture, not only transparency in basic colors.

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Typical photo cut for social medias when you break up. :joy:


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Yea, pretty subtle. :slight_smile: We’re investigating. Thanks!

Linkle got her friend back: Hello, Lana!

We’ve deployed a new renderbot that is closer to SketchUp’s output. Please look at your models, and report things that aren’t rendered on 3DWarehouse as you see them in SketchUp.

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I see a lot of models still are not showing correctly, I assume that it will take a while for the warehouse engine to update its thumbnails?

or do they need to be uploaded again?

Yes, if you upload again, they’ll re-render with the new renderbots. We have a scheduled re-render, but it’s not for a bit of time, so if you want them now, update them.

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