3D Warehouse won't render

I finished a new project today in SketchUp 2017 but after uploading it to the 3D Warehouse, the 3D Warehouse fails to render it. This problem has re-occurred in both Safari and Google Chrome, also after deleting and reuploading the model. It has been like this the whole day:

Is there an issue with my model or is there server maintenance of some sort going on?

Hey @MrGtheSheep, we’re currently investigating the issue and hope to have it back up and running shortly.


Thanks for the heads-up @MrGtheSheep. We’re looking into it.


When I replace certain models with updated ones other than reuploading the same model, I often keep getting messages saying “Failed to render” no matter how many times I reupload the same model. It never happened to me before until now so why is it so? Sometimes it took too long to finish the render compared to before, it’s just stuck in the “SPRINKLING SOME MAGIC” no matter what the size of model is.

I’ve been uploading many models without such problem until now. I’m also using Sketchup 2017.