Inconsistency Report in LayOut 2024

Hello, I seem to have discovered an inconsistency in LayOut. Kindly providing a short screencap.
I am aware this is because SketchUp is calculating based on the imperial system at the foundation. Still, the linear dimensions show correct metric conversion numbers, while the angular ones show inches.

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well spotted !

I believe @adam is the (or at least a) person to ping


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention; I am able to reproduce this locally very easily. We will need to prioritize fixing this issue against other bugs and features we have in the pipeline.

Edit: Please do note that the Extension Line units are shown using the linear dimension’s length unit setting, rather than the paper’s unit setting. However, it is not possible to set an angular dimension’s length units, which is why it defaults to inches in this instance.



Thank you Adam! Was happy to be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: