LayOut 2018 Dimension Bug

Hey guys! Haven’t posted for a long time. First up, massive thank you and congratulations on the 2018th version of SketchUp and LayOut. Really appreciate the hard work of the SketchUp team! :+1:

Compared with SketchUp I’d always feel like a turtle in LayOut because of the drawing/modelling difference. Seems that the Team is slowly bridging that gap! Thank you for the increased decimals (perfectionists can rejoice!), thank you for fixing the annoying Bezier curve execution and for many more good things.

Okay, I’m testing the new LayOut. (Gotta say, I love it much more than the older versions.) I think I found a bug. I have drawn a doodle of a door handle to try to get a taste of the new/improved features all in one place. The largest decimal amount seems to bring up this number inaccuracy. But if you check the sizes with the Line Tool, they’re all correct. If I cut the decimals down to 4, they display correctly.

Here’s the file if someone would like to have a closer look. It’s drawn from scratch in LayOut, no imports or anything.

Once again, really appreciating the effort the development team takes to perfect and take care of these dear programs that have become our friends.

Door Handle Detail.layout (160.4 KB)

I wonder if the constant translation between inches and metric units that is going on in the background while the application is not counting infinite decimals is causing this. I get the same kind of results if I divide with my pocket calculator, for instance, 15 with 2.54 and then truncate a couple of digits from the end out of the 9 decimals it displays and then multiply with 2.54.

Naive question - wouldn’t it be possible to somehow make SketchUp do the background calculations both in inches and cm, so we don’t face such inaccuracies? Has there been done a survey on the metric/imperial user ratio?

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