In SU for iPAD I cannot import a jpg image

When trying to import a jpg image the pictogram of the image remains light gray preventing it from importing.

With little to go on I would first suggest it may be a file extension issue, .jpg or .jpeg

Are you importing the image from your camera roll? If so, the photo may have been saved in an HEIC format.

The OP’s profile says Windows. HEIC is an Apple thing, isn’t it?

Isn’t an Ipad an apple thing?


I made the photo with the camera of my iPAD, and saved the photo to OneDrive. I looked into the detail of OneDrive and it says that the photo!s format is jpeg.

I know the day starts earlier in Oz than in Europe or the US, but you must be psychic to know he took the photo with a iPad before he said so! Scary! Can you tell us about what SketchUp will be like in five years?

Ack! I’m an idiot! It’s in the topic title…


If you took the image with your iPad’s camera, why did you save it to OneDrive if you were just going to bring it into SketchUp’s iPad app? Maybe move the image to the Files app. It’s possible the app can’t jump through that many hoops to import an image.

I copied the photo to a folder on my iPAD, and the format there is also jpeg, but the photo icon remains light gray when I try to import it. I think it means that the jpeg format is not importable,
Ps importing direct from the Camera role is not possible as the camera role doesn’t show up in the import screen.

I have no problem to import a .jpg, .jpeg file.
You need to use the Insert Image (marked green rectangle) instead of Import (marked red rectangle).:innocent:


Thank you Dezmo this solve the problem

You are welcome!

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