In sketchup 2018 pro

Can anyone tell me what this means when I am using the follow me tool?

“the path you have choosen does not begin or end with the extrusion cross section”

cross sec·tion

[krôs, kräs ˈsekSHən]


  1. a surface or shape that is or would be exposed by making a straight cut through something, especially at right angles to an axis:

It means what is says: the path you have chosen for follow me does not start or end on the profile. But, the operation usually succeeds anyway. It’s just a warning that the code detected a condition that can potentially cause follow me to go astray, so that if it does you know what to look for.

I can’t even remember having follow me fail due to this rather than due to things like path edges too short compared to the profile.

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No, I don’t think that’s what the warning is about. If your profile is at an angle to the first segment of the path, follow me will silently project onto a plane that is perpendicular. This will distort the profile, but the operation will run and you won’t get that warning.

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