Follow me creates different results when path has more segments

I created a circle on the blue axis. Then I created a rectangle on the green axis with one corner beveled. Both originate at the origin. I split the circle out to a 90 degree arc by drawing line on the face. This left me with 6 segments. I selected the arc, used the follow-me tool on the face of the modified rectangle. The result seems to push out the original face on the originating red axis off the origin. I expected to see the original face remain on the red axis and the resulting surface follow the arc. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?.. I’m using Sketchup 2017.
pushpull example.skp (83.7 KB)

Follow Me requires that the first segment of the path be perpendicular to the profile. Since your set up doesn’t meet that requirement, the profile gets projected (not rotated) to perpendicular. The extrusion also ends perpendicular to the last segment in the path.

Here I’ve replaced your errant path. I drew the circle and then rotated it so there’s an edge segment at 90° to the profile. Then I cut out the quarter circle and rant Follow Me.

Here you can see more easily how the profile gets projected on the right. The length of it is different than the original and the ends of the extrusion are perpendicular to the first and last segments in the path.
Screenshot - 9_18_2022 , 7_12_32 PM

When you start with more segments in the circle, the first and last segments are closer to perpendicular to the profile so the difference in the profile is less. The change in profile length will be less because of that, too. It’s still be not what you probably want.

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Thanks for the prompt response. I guess I didn’t understand the “segment” part of this perpendicularity. I read about it, it just didn’t sink in until you explained it below. KUDOS!

I thought the rectangle would be perpendicular to the path because they were created on the axes and that was good enough. . Next time, I’ll have to look closer at the segments themselves. This explains a lot and will keep me out of trouble in the future.