Follow Me Shape Altered problem

i have a problem with Follow Me. i create a shape and then a circle which is the path i want the shape to follow.

however, when the finished shaped circle is cut the dimensions of the face of the shape are different from the original shape. while the height is correct, the width of the shape has been reduced.

i have tried adding the shape to the circle from several different points but with the same results.

any help would be appreciated.



Maybe it’s in your set up. Try setting up like this, at the axis, to help keep things aligned and see what happens.

Almost certainly the profile isn’t perpendicular to the start of the path.

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We have to understand though, that since circles in SketchUp are segmented, the radius of the lathed object does indeed vary, actually following a polygon. Not sure if that is what you are referring to.

all, thank you very much for your help and suggestions.

pbacot, your point raised the question in my mind whether i was using sufficient segments in my circle so i incresed them from 24 to 96 and that appears to have corrected the problem.

this question is now resolved.

Be careful to verify that the increased number of segments hasn’t just reduced the size of the issue so that you aren’t seeing it! This is especially important for those using Architectural units, as those won’t display the ~ symbol when the displayed inch value is approximate. Change to a fractional or decimal units and set the finest precision you can.

And remember that a circle drawn with its radius ‘on axis’ has a vertex on the axis. If you want the FollowMe profile to start perpendicular to the path, rotate the path by half a segment, so as to get the midpoint of a circle segment on the axis, not a vertex.

slbaumgartner and john_mcclenahan, thank you for the added information. but it is well above my head. i am only an amateur at SketchUp Pro and just use it for fun.