In layout, some of my sheets will not show the line drawn



I am on a working sheet, I strike the line command, I see the blue dot, as I strike the line, nothing appears. It is also happening with my dimensions. If I window the line, I see the blue ghost, but that’s all. Really critical.


Can you share the LO file?

Is it possible your active layer is under another layer so the line and dimensions are displaying? Or are they set to be the same color as the background?


I am not good at this, not sure how to Share LO file, be glad to. How would I check? It appears to only be happing on my working sheets and not the title sheet


You could upload the layout file by clicking on the 7th button from the left in the row above the text field in the reply window.

As for checking things, look at the active layer and compare it to the the layers other entities are on. If you can draw on the title sheet, it’s unlikely that the line color is set to white or no stroke.


Yes, it was the layers, I deleted “every inside page layer” and problem solved. Thanks, Dave


Happy that helped. You wouldn’t necessarily have to delete the layer, of course.

Keep in mind that entities on layers higher in the list will lay over entities on layers lower in the list. Generally you’ll want to put things like lines drawn in LO (dashed lines for example) and text on layers higher in the list than your SketchUp viewports and images.