In Layout, how can I prevent my dimensions from going back to the paper measurement?

In Layout, how can I prevent my dimensions from going back to the paper measurement rather than the scale of the drawing? When I draw then on the plan, they are correct, but upon reopening the file, they have changed to the actual paper measurement, thus losing the scale. Frustrating.

Are you trying to scale the drawing or are you referring to the scale set in the SketchUp model panel?

Thanks. When I apply the dimension in lay out to a scaled viewport, it reads correctly, but upon reopening the file, it changes to the actual paper measurement. For example, I draw a dimension of 4’-0" in a quarter inch scale plan, it will revert to 1". This only happens to some dimensions, not all of them. Im baffled.

Are you able to share a Layout file where this is happening…?

This implies that at least one end of the dimension is not connected to the geometry in the viewport.

When placing he dimensions, I used object snap. Thought that would attach them.
Somehow, I cannot upload the file. Sorry.

It’s probably too large. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Here’s the link to what I’m talking about:

Thanks so much! I’ll work on that.
I’m still a bit confused about arranging the stack. For example, when I pick the floorplan and send to Back It doesn’t seem to do anything. My dimensions are still under it.

The Send to Back/Bring to Front commands only work with things on the same layer. The stacking order of things on different layers is determined by their position in the Layers list.

See my edited reply above.

Anssi is correct. Drag the DIMS layer up to the top of the list.

Aaah! I don’t remember seeing that in the literature. Thanks so much!

Not entirely in 2D:

Did you create the floorplan Sketchup with an extension? The used Style hasn’t been used since version 6, I think.

I don’t see that, all elevations and sections are linked to the 3D model:

The Style of the floorplan is old and maybe, a version of SketchUp is used that predates the unique PID’s (or extension), which could cause the disconnection of the dimensions.

Object snap on or off has no impact, when you are dimensioning, one should see the green dots for vertices of the model’s viewport and red squares for lines.
What’s important is that you have the Dimension panel open, and then be sure to have Autoscale on. It’s become a bit more difficult for sore eyes in the past releases, the button’s color left of it makes it hard to distinquish, you might have inadvertedly messed with it.

I’m having the same issue, and I don’t see that anyone quite gets the problem.
But there must be an easier way that deleting these dimension strings and starting over.

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.