In baying sketchup

Hi i purchase Sketchup online with my master card but no email notification or receipt please can some one help…?

Sorry i got my email notification, should i take uninstalled my 30days trials for my early subscription to be active?

No uninstalling needed.
On a browser (Chrome, Edge,etc.) check and sign in.
Check the members section on the left, first.
The emailaddress that you are using in SketchUp should have ‘product access’

If not adjust via the three dots at the end.

Than, back in SketchUp, sign out and back in.

By the way i honestly uninstalled the 30days trials because i was confused after waiting for soo long and don’t know what to do…For now am downloading the sketchup from my email with the ACCESS MY PRODUCT link.

Sir i can see my subscription plan as ACTIVE in sketchup, how can i know if when is the end of my subscription pplan, and is there anything like the product key, please help…Thank you

There is no product key with a subscription. You have access to the software through your account login for a year. You will be notified before your subscription lapses.


Some things to know about your subscription…

You paid for it using an email, and you also use You need to remember to sign in with and not to see the subscription.

It is set to auto renew, which will be on July 23rd next year. There should be an email at that time to tell you about it renewing.

The 30 day trial is for SketchUp Studio, and your trial is still valid until August 13th. That may mean you will see a message about the trial expiring. That only means the Studio features. You could continue to try out the extras that come with Studio, until August 13th. After that your Pro features will still work. Here’s a comparison list to show which features will still work after the Studio trial ends: