Importing Word Document


Can anybody tell me if I can import a Word document into Layout? I have done notes on A4 pages and want to put it on A3. If it is possible can someone please tell me precisely how to do it so it will look OK. also can it be edited afterwards?


Save the Word doc as RTF and then use File>Insert in LayOut.

If you don’t edit it in LO, you can right click on it and choose Open in Word and edit it in Word.


Thanks again Dave for your phenomenal response time. Did it and imported it to layout. I got box which can be resized. Is it possible to get it imported as it was on A4 sheet? Also there are 6 pages of notes of A4 Ideally I would like to look at 3no A3 pages of text at 11 point in size


You can set the font size in Word. Drag the edges of the text box to fill the size of the paper. Since you have the document already, you should set it up to print on A3 paper at 11 pt. That will be easier to set up so you know what it is to look like in LO. In order to get three different text boxes, one for each page, you’ll need to split the RTF into three separate files. Again, setting the pages up correctly in Word will make it easier to figure out where page breaks need to occur.

Does your LO file only include this text file or is there SketchUp content, too?


I have imported so far 6 pages of sketchup scenes and annotated it all, The notes are extra.I will try what you suggest


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