Importing Text and Specifications into Layout

Hi Group
I’d appreciate some suggestions or tips on the best methods to import Text and Standard Specifications into my Layout Pages
Some ideas were
Use Excel Tables or Word
I’d like to hear suggestions and pros and cons on these and others ?

You can insert .xlsx, .rtf, or .txt files. Inserting .xlsx would make it easy to set up multiple columns if you want and you can select different ranges of cells for different boxes of text. Once you’ve inserted the file, copy it to the next page or whatever and change the cell range to suit.

For paragraphs of text you might choose .rtf or .txt although for more than one text block you’ll need more than one file.

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Thanks Dave
Is there any tricks for finding size and page size or scalability?

I’m not sure what you are asking about. Are you referring to the size of the text and how it would fit on a page?

Yea, just run the word doc with a bunch of text lines and delete or add text lines to/from the text document until you find what fits on your cd page size, keep adjusting the document until it fits. From there you’ll know what fits, you can make a thick line with a callout in your .rtf file or compatible layout text file and than when you need to add another page, make a new document with the same thing where you will have a dark line for example and a callout in the doc telling you to stop typing there and move onto another document. When in layout, put the documents side by side and there you go…