Inserting multiple page word document

Hello All,

Sorry if this has already been answered, I have been searching for awhile and haven’t found anything. Is there a way to insert an RTF text document into layout and have it format to several columns? We have a short spec we use on residential and small commercial projects. I would like to edit the word document, then insert it on our titleblock as a sheet in our drawing set. The problem is, I insert the text document and I have one really long column of text. How can I get it to format into 4 or 5 columns of text to fit on a 24x36 sheet?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jstreby

I don’t think paragraph breaks across columns is possible in Layout.

For a workaround: It’s probably best to just copy/paste your entire text into 5 text boxes. And then go in and edit out the unwanted paragraphs from each column, so that everything reads properly.

With some quick editing, you’ll have what you want in short order… with a small bonus of having better layout options for the columns, than what would otherwise happen if a traditional style text editor approach were to be used.

@JimD’s solution is what I do in exactly the situation you describe. It could be more elegant with proper flowing text between columns, but for something that doesn’t usually get edited very often, it’s not a huge problem for me.

I made a feature request to be able to crop the top of text boxes as you can the bottom to limit the text that is visible. that would allow you to use multiple copies of the RTF file in different text boxes. Fingers crossed that they will implement it.

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