How to insert a long word document into LayOut?

Hi everyone,

I need to insert a 30-page Word document into LayOut. At the moment all I can find is how to convert small documents, via an rtf.

I need to crop the text freely into separate pages & paragraphs. At the moment the rtf. presents as a long list that strays away from the workspace; which doesn’t want to crop.

I’ve seen a previous topic on this where someone recommended saving each page as a separate rtf. , but this will be too time-consuming and there must be an easier way in 2023 - any ideas?

Thank you.

The alternative to inserting pages of text as individual .rtf files would be to copy and paste the text into text boxes. Probably not any faster. A better option would be to format the Word doc as you need it and export a PDF file. Export a PDF file from LayOut and then combine the two in Acrobat or another PDF editor.

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Thanks Dave,

I’ve done combined PDFs before, but this document often needs tweaking so I really need something with a live direct link. LayOut does link really well with Word, but I just want to be able to split that document into any portion of text, still retaining live updating - much like you can with SketchUp scenes.

Also, I can’t find that option on my forum profile?

The ability to update linked references in LayOut is certainly a good thing but at this point in time your option for multiple pages of text in LayOut is to create a separate file for each page as you already know.

Maybe you could could create the formatting you need in a spreadsheet. You could then insert once and specify a different range of cells for each page.

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum page. Then on the person icon followed by the gear icon. You should be able to find it from there.

Interesting thought, thanks Dave.

And found it - thank you.