How to import 18 page PDF document into Layout

I am unable to locate any instructions/tutorials as to how to insert a multi-page document (Energy Report, CALGreen Mandatory Measures, etc) into layout 2018 for MAC. When inserted, I can only see the first page. None of the additional pages in the multi-page pdf are visible. Anyone know how or where the find the answer, instruction, or tutorial?

Update: I fumbled through it on my own. Found that I could extract each page through Adobe Acrobat. Then Drag & Drop each page into my Layout Sheets. Then scale each page to fit…one page at a time…after 4 hours…all 42 pages are now arranged on (5) 24x36 sheets…There’s got to be an easier way?

There isn’t an easier direct way in LayOut. LayOut wasn’t really designed for that. I guess I would have exported my LayOut project as a PDF and then used Acrobat to combine it with the other PDF document.

If you have adobe illustrator you can import the pdf and it will break it out into individual pages which can then be exported out as separate jpeg’s ( so a few clicks).

If you have acrobat the file/export/image as jpeg (or other) will export all the pages out as separate images too.

Then in Layout select all of those individual images and import into one page (the same page) of layout so they are all on top of one another, (just select all of the individual images and import and they will load on top of each other) you could then select them all (ctrl+A or drag from right to left) and scale them all at once, then deselect, take one of those images at a time and cut / paste to other pages, they will paste into the exact position from which they came. Not that this is an ideal solution but would not take as long as 4 hours.

Thanks DaveR. I didn’t think of this 'end-run" approach (alternative/creative thinking). Often had to think like that for AutoCAD. Just think that I cannot be the only person (Architect) who’s needed to import a PDF into Layout and that TEAM SKETCHUP may want to look at this needed task. I would prefer to be able to complete all of my architectural drawings within the SketchUp/Layout environment.

Thanks whiterabbitdesigncompany. Another colleague mentioned a similar approach (JPEG approach). With my Mac, I was able to get all the files/pages inserted as PDF’s. Just was lost in the weeds trying to figure it out on my own (no info/tutorials found on this topic/approach). Thank you again for replying! (I had made a similar post back in Dec 2016…not a single reply to-date, other than another user with the same question/problem).

Mea culpa…I had drafted reply earlier…then posted w/o reading other replies above…now removed my reply as it essentially duplicated above solutions/recommendations.

Some of these “workarounds” become the de facto method over time !
I had meant to mention that the jpeg approach is probably the more common way to go with LO on a PC as the PC version cannot import PDF into LO for some reason?

There is the free “inkscape” which will convert pdf to dxf for those without illustrator… if there is vector inf that needs retaining and the raster formats wont do.

I have to say as a designer that it’s ridiculous if layout was not actually “designed for that”, layouts primary use is to create plan documents of sketchup drawings. Anyone who has done a set of plans before knows that there are other consultants involved, and all designers need an easy way to import and input pdf and other data directly into layout so that the consultants can have their own seperate pages in a final design package. A final design package drawing set should be 1 pdf usually, not multiple, so that things stay organized and that all data is easily found in the final design pdf generated from layout. If sketchup layout wasn’t “designed” for simple things like pdf imports so that the structural engineers drawings can be easily shown in a layout plan, then what was it designed for? This is an insanely simple feature request and as awesome as layout and sketchup are for me, I think it’s ridiculous that this has to be so hard.

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