Importing Templates into Style Builder

Hi, I am completely new to style builder.
I am trying to create my own template, I have down loaded the template, I then put it into Adobe illustrator, draw new lines (I have a vector style I like in AI), save as a jpeg or PNG, not changing the size in any way.
But then when I load form template, nothing happens?
Have also tried do this same process in Photoshop.
I down loaded a style from an image search in google, but cannot load one I create myself, any answers?

Thanks in advance

Does the saved PNG file have the same resolution as the original template you exported?

Let me check that one and get back to you right now

Upload the image file, too.

Please find the jpeg below.
How do I get it to be the same res as the original?

You can adjust it in your image editor.

You also need to save it as a PNG, not a JPG.

Once I converted the file you uploaded to a PNG I was able to load the template without problem. Were you attempting to open it instead of loading it? Size was not an issue.

Sorry for the time delay there, I got it to work, so thank you.
Can you tell me how I install the style in sketchup, I read that I I need to go to Library/application support/Google sketchup, but I go into Library and cannot find Sketchup?

What version of Sketchup are you using? Unless it’s very old, it won’t be in /Google SketchUp/ since Google sold SketchUp 4 or 5 years ago. And you don’t want to put it into the Application Support directory anyway.

Just create a folder in your Documents folder and call it something like Custom Styles. Put the .style file into it. You can place additional ones there later.

In SketchUp, go to the Styles window and open the details menu with the button on the right side that looks like an arrow pointing right. Choose Open or create a collection… Navigate to that folder and open it. If you want to add the folder to your favorites list, click on Add collection to favorites… in the same menu.

Putting your custom styles in a folder in the Documents folder means that it’ll be easily accessed when you upgrade to the next version of SketchUp. I have a folder for “SketchUp Assets” which includes my custom styles, components and textures. Most of the textures are wood grain materials so I sort them into separate folders by species. I have made many styles and sort them into categories like Pencil, Ink, Watermarked, etc.

I am on '17.
I created a folder in documents, placed the style in there. Clicked on the detail and went to the style but it is failed out so cannot be selected?

You need to select the folder not the style.

Did you put the .style file in the folder or the PNG?

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Thank You

Another Question.
When I create the style in style builder, rather than get a single line, I get a faded grey line underneath also. Like a shadow of the preview line, is there a way to get rid of this and just use my line?

Can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Are you just loading the template and seeing this?

I think I just worked it out.
I dragged one of my style lines onto one of the sets twice and the grey line beneath vanished.
But what I meant was this…

You shouldn’t need to drag the line sets at all. Just load the template and they should automatically get placed into the style.

Can you tell me why it is that I add a line twice and the lighter line disappears?
Looking like this…