How to save a .JPEG file in style builder

How to save a jpeg file in style builder and can I open a style builder file in sketch up.

Maybe you could give some more information about what you are trying to do. What is the “.JPEG” you are trying to save?

As in attached image i want to save this in .JPEG file,

The screen shot of the whole Style Builder screen or the image of the house? There is no facility to export an image of the house. You can save the style and use it in SketchUp. There is a SketchUp file of the house in the Style Builder Program Files so you could open that file in SketchUp and then use the style you’ve created to make the same view. The file is called DefaultModel.skp.

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Only the image of the house.
But I try to open this in sketch up but i cant do that.
Kindly guide me.

here is the file that I want to open in sketch up.My Sketch (18.5 KB)

So you want a JPG image of the house using that style? Like so?

Or are you trying to make it so you can use that style on your own models? If it is the latter, save the style file to a folder somewhere on your computer like My Documents. It would be best to create a sub-folder there for your styles. Then, in SketchUp, open the Styles window. Click on the arrow to the right of the drop down list and choose Open or Create a Collection… Navigate to the folder where you saved the style and open it. The style will be available in the Styles window.

Yes i want to save jpeg image.

Well, download the JPG of the house from my previous post and you’re all set.

And kindly guide me how can i save the jpeg in style builder

How will be the process to save a jpeg.

As I said before, there is no way to save a JPG from Style Builder. Why would you want to do that anyway?

If you need the JPG or the house, right click on my image of it and use Save image as…

Sorry for again. I am asking for my official working.

The image you attached in your post will be different with respect to my working that would be different with client to client.

So please guide me how you did it.
I shall be very thankful to you.

You aren’t explaining what you really want. I already told you how to get an image using the style you uploaded. Why don’t you try following the instructions I’ve given?

As my current project i want to save this in jpeg as you save in your previous post.

As you save this jpeg same as I want to save the jpeg of a any file.

OK. Now I understand. You don’t know what Style Builder does. Style Builder is a tool to make line styles for SketchUp. After you make the line style in Style Builder and save it, you use that style in SketchUp with your models.

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thanks for reply, its very helpfull for me prefabrik ev

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