Importing Revit

I understand that a 3D model built in Revit when imported into Sketchup Pro will have the levels read as Section Cuts in SU.
As is the case am unable to perform Section Cuts in the normal SU manner by utilizing the Section Cut tool to create a floor plan as this will create 2 or more sections in separate groups . All I need is one section cut.
Is there a way around this?

Why can’t you create a section cut in the “normal SU manner”? Maybe sorting that would be a place to start.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using?

The Revit model is imported as a component.
The section cuts (levels plus 1,4 mtr) are within this wrapper.
You can see them with [menu] View > Section planes and if you enter the component (select the Revit component and hit ‘Enter’ or double click) you can right click on a section and choose ‘Active cut’.
Making appropriate scenes will remember that state.

Thanks Mike!