Question to the hive on a section cuts on a SU model imported into another SU model

I have a model with only three section cuts for scenes to show floor plans. I imported this model into a separate SU file to apply section cuts for section scenes (cross-sections). This is done for simplicity.

The issue develops any time I update the second section model. A floor plan section cut in the original model becomes active, along with whatever section cut is active in the section model at the time. I have to go into Outliner to turn off the floor plan section cut of the imported model. The floor plan section cut is not active in the source model when updated. Is there some way to stop this pattern and keep the source model section cut inactive?

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We did do some fixes about section cuts and loading the file into another model. What is the exact version of SKetchUp you are using? You can check the Help menu, About SketchUp.

If you are on the latest version, could you upload a couple of small files that show the issue?

Version 22.0.354 I am not sure of the file size limit, but the two models are probably over that limit. I need to get the model working so that I can complete the project, then I will replicate the issue in a smaller model.


I made a simple model. The source model (SU Section Source 090422) includes one section plane for a plan view. I then imported that model into a new SU file (SU Section Imported 090422) and added one section plane for a longitudinal section. Note that when the source model is reloaded or updated in the SU Section Imported 090422 file with the imported source model, the scene (Section View both active) is overwritten, and both sections become active. The result is I cannot use this file in Layout.
SU Section Imported 090422.skp (241.0 KB)
SU Section Source 090422.skp (240.7 KB)

If this is a new feature in SU, I’d agree a bad one for anyone using reference models like me.

Not sure if this is new or not, but… To be clear, this occurs when the source model has a section plane, and you import that model into a new file and then add new addition section planes. It is in the imported model file that the conflicts appear. If you do all section planes in the imported model file, all works fine.

That is a problem. For my process that would require my base model to NOT have any section cuts, adding an additional model to produce the base scenes currently capable in my main editing model…floor plans, roof plans and elevations.

I do not want any section planes in a reference model/component to ever come in with the section plane activated. This would be a nightmare for any existing projects running on older versions, which I have many.


Colin… any further thoughts on this?

It’s slightly confusing testing. Which scene are you on when you do the reload? Are you expecting to see the bicycle after the reload?

Which version of SketchUp acts in the way you want it to?

The bicycle is just added for fun. The issue is that the Section Plane from the source model reactivates when the model is reloaded.

I have done more research. The source model is reloaded with any active Section Plane when
saved. You can deactivate that Section Plan in the imported model from Outliner. Now the SU file has the single Section Plane active. However, in Layout, the viewport remains to show both Section Planes. I have attached all three files. My Sketchup version is 22.0.354 64Bit Windows.
Reload Issue.layout (252.9 KB)
SU Section Imported 090422.skp (247.4 KB)
SU Section Source 090422.skp (252.4 KB)

You probably are aware, but… I found that the issue is that the source model is reloaded with any active Section Plane when last saved. In the imported model file, you can deactivate the source model active Section Plan in the Outliner and then save the imported model file. All appears OK until you update the viewport in Layout. Layout still reflects the active Section Plane in the source model and ignores the Imported Model.

Was it always this way?

BTW, thanks for all your insights over the years. You have been a great help to me and many others.

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That may be a condition that always existed. I have a working model scene in my SU file that has section cuts deactivated. I always am in the habit of selecting this scene before I save. I just checked in 2022 and I do not have this issue since my last saved SU file has section cuts deactivated.

That works.