Unwanted section cuts

I am doing reflected ceiling plans using @Sonder method. For some reason every time I relink the main building model reference one of the internal sections in the main model becomes active in my reflected ceiling plan scene and I have to go find which one it is and turn it off and update the scene. I have to repeat this every time I relink the main model. Which section from the main model is active seems to be quite random.

@DaveR ???

Only a guess since I don’t have your files. Do you need a section cut in the reflected ceiling plan? If not, turn off sections in the style and update the scene

Yeah I need the cut in the reflected ceiling plan because it’s looking the the opposite direction of the floor plan cut. I need the main model which is basically an inserted component not to show its section cut inside its context.

Do you need internal sections in your “main model”?
I wonder what is happening with them. I think that the feature of storing active section cut status for section cuts inside groups and components was introduced in version 2020, at the same time as the changes in hidden status of nested objects.
Are there active section cuts in your “main model” when you save it? If there are, have you tried saving it with all section cuts inactive?

@Anssi Yes I have cuts in my main model for all the floor plan views and all the building sections. I think your correct about this behavior changing with 2020. I have tried saving the model while in a scene with an active cut and a scene without. Doesn’t seem to make any difference. The way I deal with it right now is after each reload find the offending section in Outliner and turn it off and update the scene. PITA

When you save the main model, do you save it with a scene open that has an active section cut? I have this habit on all my SU files that I always choose my “Working model” scene, then save and close. I don’t ever have this issue you are experiencing with the latest version - just completed 7 projects over the last 6 months…exhausted!

If you’d like to send me both files - main plan and RCP, I’m happy to have a look - check if you are doing what I mention above as that would be the first thing I’d check.

@Sonder I am also in the habit of leaving the model with the working scene active. And that scene has a style with no section cuts active. I also thought maybe it’s on the other end so I reloaded the model being sure I was in a scene with no active sections. Still getting the same behavior. What is the best way to send you the files?

PM me a dropbox link.