Losing work after updating imported file

I’m working on an architectural model. Following a recommendation from Nick Sonder’s work flow I have created a separate model in order to manage all the section cuts needed for the construction drawings. I imported the original architectural model into a new sections model. I created the needed sections and accompanying scenes. I noticed some fixes needed on the original model. Instead of editing them from within new model I opened the original model, made the needed fixes, saved and exited the file and then reopened the new sections models. When I updated the original imported model I lost all my section cuts within the new model?
Why would updating the reference file blow up my new file?

Did the section cuts get deleted or are they just not shown because you didn’t update the style for the scenes to include the sections?

They got deleted. They don’t even show up in the Outliner. I saved my work as I went along creating each new section.

That’s strange. I’ve never had sections get deleted unless I delete them. Maybe @colin has some insight.

One thing I did that may have some bearing is I created a group in the new file to contain the section cuts because the original file had a large area due to some property boundaries included in the original file. That large area made my section profiles quite large in size and difficult to manage when I needed to adjust their positions. What I did was turn the boundaries tag off, then a created a group that just contained the building. I made my sections within that group. They were much easier to manage since that space was smaller. Could that have something to do with it?

I don’t know why anything like you describe would result in deleting a section cut. If it’s nested within a group you should see it in Outliner if you expand the group.

Apparently that is correct. I decided to create the new group to manage my sections cuts in the original model instead of the new one. When I reloaded the original file it deleted the section(s) again in the new model.
Perhaps I’m reloading the original model incorrectly? What I’ve been doing to reloaded the original file is to right click the original model in the Outliner, and then select reload. That brings up a dialogue box stating that the file as been edited and asking me if I want to replace it - yes or no. I select yes, it brings up navigation window in the directory the file is located, I select that file and click the Open button. It rolls up the Outliner in the new file, I unroll it and sections are now deleted and my scenes no longer have sections in them.

Hmmm… So wrong reference?

No, I have made sure that it is the correct one.
I am assuming it is possible to import one Sketchup model into another one. Is that correct?

Yes. It is possible. And the sections should come in, too.

Just to be sure, the sections are created in the new model, not the imported one.

Ah… I didn’t catch that before. If the imported one is replacing the one in the new model then you should expect to lose the sections. It would be similar to reverting to an earlier version of the model.

Interestingly, it does not delete the new scenes I created in the new model for the sections, just the sections themselves.

Right. The scenes have nothing to do with this.

It was my understanding that the section cut is saved with the file it was created in, the new section file, and not the imported file since it was not created there.

There have been a lot of replies since Dave mentioned me, so I’m not positive how things stand.

One thing to know though, we have recently fixed some issues where section planes in components that get reloaded from external files that you have edited, may take on the loaded file’s version of what section planes are visible, and not take on what the scene thinks should be visible.

It’s tricky enough that I’m not even sure if I have explained that correctly. But, the behavior in the latest 2022 is likely to be different to the behavior in 2020.

If you are able to make a small master file and a Save As component, that when edited and Reloaded shows the problem you are seeing, I would try that in 2020 and in 2022, and see if the fixes I believe happed did actually happen.

That should have been noticed by @JQL

Most things are.

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I got one section plane to stick after a reload. I had to make sure that the section cut itself was outside of the referenced, or imported model. In other words the section cannot be anywhere within the rolled up part of the reference or import file as shown in Outliner.
Both sections shown in the image were created in 1103 Watering Hole_Const file. 1103 Watering Hole is the imported file.
Section: 2 will survive a reload of the import file. Section: 3 will not. I think creating any section within the reference file is what goes missing when reloaded. I was creating them there originally to try keep the section plane boundary a manageable size.

Thanks for all the help!

The imported model is a component reference of your main model, so you have to make sure you are doing no edits to the section model. That includes making section planes inside the component. I’m guessing you were inside the section model component when you added the section planes. If so, when you update the component all those section planes would be gone. That is the only way for this to occur.

Make sure you add the section planes outside of the reference model. That way when you update the section model, the section planes will remain. The only thing you are doing in the section model is setting the section cut planes and creating the scenes.

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