Importing into Softplan 2020

I’ve searched SU Community for this topic, but not seeing any results, if I’m overlooking, please forgive me for reposting the topic.

I installed SketchUp Pro 2019 trial yesterday and I’ve downloaded a model from the 3d Warehouse SKP file…How do I import into SP2020?

If you use Google search, you will find this information on how to import a SKP model into Softplan.

video tutorial

Because Softplan 2020 is currently importing SketchUp 2018 files

Import and Export support added for SketchUp 2018 file format.
Surfaces exported to SketchUp are logically grouped to make modification easier.”

before you try to import the 3D model, you just have to be careful and download this type of file from the 3dwarehouse - click on Download > SketchUp 2018 Model

or, if you save from your SketchUp 2019, to use File > Save as > Save as type as 2018 version.

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:point_up_2: That’s the ticket! :point_up_2: I was downloading 2019…Thanks a lot “mihai.s”