Importing free models from 3d warehouse

Hello all, I’m a bit of a newbie amateur sketcher :blush: Before when using a trial version of SketchUp Pro I saw a large selection of free furniture I could download into my model. Now that I have purchased a Pro version I don’t seem to have as much choice (for example: when looking for lights, I was given 6 choices in total of which only 1 was free). Doesn’t make much sense. Any advice would be welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

in the 3d warehouse, all the models are free. I’m gonna go out on a limb here that you’re not in the 3d warehouse.

could you show us a screenshot of your search please ?

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Ok, thanks. Here’s the screenshot

That’s not the 3D Warehouse. That’s an unrelated site selling 3D models.

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I was thinking that but before, when I clicked the ‘extensions’ tab and then ‘extension warehouse’ it took me directly to the 3d warehouse. Now, it brings up a page with various options and the one labelled ‘3D bazaar’ was the only one that seemed to fit… :thinking:

it took you to the extension warehouse. a place to download extensions. hence the name. everything in the extension menu is related to extensions.

and you downloaded 3d bazaar in the first page, a (costly) 3d library.

the 3d warehouse is in either window menu / 3d warehouse
or the 3d warehouse logo you can have in various toolbars.
Capture d’écran 2024-01-28 à 17.12.08

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Thanks! You’re a hero, I found it in the window menu :kissing_heart:

The 3D Bazar is a plugin from Lindalë, it has great assets that are render ready for vray, enscape and Thea, with all the texture maps, they’re also easy to convert to proxys either with vray or with transmutr, another plugin from Lindalë.

Since you are a new user I recommend you to go through this forum and check posts from people that can’t open their files, a lot of them are files that got too big for their pc to handle, this is due to abusing of the 3DWH. Beginners use to get excited when they discover the warehouse and start to download everything they can, personally I don’t use the 3DWH, most of the model there are either over detailed with millions of polygons or they’re made by people that don’t know how to model, using groups, components and tags properly and there are also models that are corrupted and can corrupt your model, when you download something from the warehouse you must do it to an empty file, there you can check if it’s good for your model or you can fix it to be used in your file plus you can save it after you’ve fixed and create your own library of assets.

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You can also open the 3D Warehouse in your web browser and use tabbed browsing.