Sketchup Free (Web): import 3D elements from warehouse?

Hey there! I’m kinda new to the whole Sketchup-on-the-web, which I actually find pretty good.

The thing is, it seems there are a lot of features missing. And/Or, I’m not too sure where to find them!

Specifically: I’ve built a project (house), and am trying to add already-designed/available windows from the 3D warehouse… and I can’t find how to do it!

Can anyone help me?

I’m talking about the web-based Sketchup free version :wink:

Thanks a lot!

You might start by clicking on the Components icon and entering your search terms where it says, “Search 3D Warehouse.”

Oh wow… thanks a lot! How could I miss that, I don’t know… thanks! :slight_smile:

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