Introducing 3D Bazaar

Today, we are proud to release the first public version of 3D Bazaar, our brand-new extension and marketplace for high-quality render-ready SketchUp models.

3D Bazaar offers high-quality models made by the best content creators. Vegetation, furniture, humans, we have it all! And we’re adding more and more content on a monthly basis. We optimized each model to work seamlessly with SketchUp and the top render engines. Just import them and you’re done.

You can browse the marketplace on-the-go via our website but the best way to experience 3D Bazaar is to install its SketchUp extension which provides some very nice benefits:

  • Allows you to effortlessly import models into SketchUp, with just one click.

  • Solves the issue that is the bane of many SketchUp users: broken maps and proxies. 3D Bazaar takes care of this chore for you and it becomes a thing of the past.

  • It is even capable of managing & searching your own local library on your computer so that you can access all your contents from one place.

We are looking forward to your feedback. We offer a few high-quality free models that you can download to try out 3D Bazaar!

Finally, here is a Quick Start tutorial to learn how to install and get started with the 3D Bazaar Extension.

3D Bazaar is currently in the beta stage, which means that we warmly welcome bug reports and feedback. Please send details about any technical issue that you encounter to


Well the website runs very fast. Easy to use. Features are readily apparent or easily discoverable.

I am impressed !

But I am wondering if there are searchable tags ?

For example searching on “Breuer” (as they are known in the U.S.) or “Cesca” (as the designer formally named them,) … does not find the cantilever chair model.

Thanks Dan :slight_smile:

Yes there are tags, although they need to be added manually, which has not been the case for this particular asset.

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