Importing dwg to sketchup

It is taking forever to import dwg into a sketchup model, is it because I am on a trial version? or some other reason perhaps?

Probably has to do with the amount of entities in the .dxf file. Might also have to do with the import units you selected. Share the .dwg so we can see.

Imelda302_Design_Model - stair.dwg (67.5 KB)
i am bringing in this really small file into a larger one

the model has no significance yet, I am testing the workflow from Revit to Sketchup and making changes

This is what I got. It imported in about 4 seconds from clicking the Import button.

What units did you select for Import in the import options panel?

When you installed SketchUp did you do so correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

FWIW, there are no limitations on importing files because you’re using the trial version.

didn’t even notice an import options panel! I opened the ‘base model’ which has been imported as a dwg, then tried to import this stair into this model - assuming there is a change in stair design and I am testing the workflow

That’s different from importing it into a new file. Maybe it imported and due to incorrect import units it’s not showing up.

Share the “base model” so we can see what you’ve got there.

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Imelda302_Design_Model - unit.dwg (15.9 MB)
cheers Dave

my mate on another mahcine tested it and it worked fine for him… it works for me just takes ages

That would indicate to me that it’s probably your hardware or possibly incorrect installation. I’m about to start with an online student so I’ll have to look at your second .dwg file after that.

thanks Dave

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Nobody notices the Import Options button. It was the first question I asked at the SketchUp forum about 19 years ago.

Import worked very fast for me too.
When determining your workflow, check whether exporting from Revit as mesh geometry instead of solids makes a difference. It might work faster as SketchUp does the conversion anyway.
Note too that the origins of the various components are set quite far away, probably at the Revit project origin point.