How can i import dwg files to sketchup

Hi everyone, I’m learning to work with sketch up and at the moment I can’t import any dwg files into the program. I have imported the same files on other occasions without any problems. I leave here the link to one of the files that I cannot open as an example. When importing the sketch up it closes unexpectedly or if you try to open the file directly it opens the sketch and gets the message “this does not appear to be a sketch model”. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.

I had no problem importing the file. Here is the result. Did you remember to set the right import units. The file uses Meters so if you set the import unit (options button on the Import File dialog box) to anything smaller it may fail. Else you should try repairing your SketchUp installation.
pedro silva.skp (626.6 KB)


thank you!! i had to reinstall everything and it worked!