Importing DWG or DXF to SKP - Teigha error 313



I had no issue importing files up until this morning. I get this pop up now. I have tried downsaving the CAD files and also downsaving the sketchup file before importing. This issue happens to all CAD files I try to import now.

I checked the file propoerties and it is not read-only. I also tried copying the CAD file to my desktop as well as copying the drawing into a new CAD file and neither methods solved the issue.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

UPDATE : I restarted my computer and now it works again. Still do not know the solution for it though.


you can always use the free ‘Teigha Viewer’ for evaluating the readability and content of a DWG/DXF as well as down-saving to an older version (e.g. r2000 compatbile w/ allmost everything).


Possibly a memory leak from some application corrupted that part of memory where the CAD import library was loaded. When weird things happen, a reboot is a good idea (and so is saving your work often.)


Thank you for your help!


Thank you for your help. It happened again and so far a reboot is the only solution. Thanks again!


Custom ARX objects, which typically do have more specialized capabilities than standard objects, are created and interpreted by Adesk products only and can lead a DWG/DXF import in other applications, because of the extended entity data, to fail (buffer overflow etc.).


If possible, upload a small DWG file that causes you trouble - it is easier to help if one can have a look at the data.


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