Teigha error 42 import

Hi, I’m trying to import revit into sketchup. I first, isolated all my revit layers in the 3D view and then export each one it into separated DWG. Now that I want to import all my DWG from revit, teigha error : 42 shows up.

I’m using revit 2018 and sketchup pro 2015. May the problem be in the two differents versions?

Thanks a lot

II don’t know about the error code, but what DWG format are you exporting from Revit to? In the 2018 versions of its software, Autodesk introduced a new DWG file format that is incompatible with older versions of many applications. You could try exporting to an older DWG format, for instance the 2010 one.

42…this could be a message? @jimhami42

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Teigha developed the library that SketchUp uses to import dwg and dxf. I think SketchUp is simply passing on the error code returned by that library. Unfortunately, so far as I can find there is no publicly available information about the meaning of Teigha’s error codes.

open with the free Teigha Viewer … might show a more verbose error message?

Can you tell me if this is helpful? I’m looking to create a standard response to SketchUp Pro users with this error. Thanks!

All DWG files aren’t created equal and there are several factors that can affect whether the file will import into SketchUp successfully. Because the DWG format is proprietary to AutoDesk there isn’t a standard by which all other software uses when importing or exporting that file type. Our recommendation when working with DWG files in SketchUp is to export them to an older, simpler version of the DWG standard such as AutoCAD 2000. Because SketchUp is only importing the geometry from the file and won’t recognize any other objects such as BIM objects or AutoCAD specific data types it won’t be a problem to use the older format. If you created the file in AutoCAD then you may wish to explode all objects into their most basic components before saving for use in SketchUp as well. If you’re using other CAD software then using an older format will improve the likelihood of compatibility with SketchUp if you can’t export directly to SKP from that software already.

To learn more about importing DWG files in SketchUp be sure to check out our video on the subject here: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/86648

We also have a great blog from one of our engineers on importing DWG files: http://www.thomthom.net/thoughts/2012/12/sketchup-dwg-import-guide/


Thanks to you, I fixed it. I saved my file as AutoCAD 2000 version and the error disappeared.


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