Importing DWG from Vectorworks

Hello! Fairly new here so apologies in advance.

I’m an interior designer and received files from an architect working in Vectorworks.

When I try to import this DWG DXF file, it feels like it didn’t import correctly as things are off in the drawing (doorways/windows aren’t lined up with the openings, etc). Is there another file type that might work better?

Additionally, when taking files from architects, is it best practice to as for reference points/measurements to rescale the drawing, as it isn’t importing to scale. Or is there another way to do this altogether?

Tripp dwg dxf.dwg (811.8 KB)

Thank you in advance for you help!

Select Parallel Projection on Camera menu tab: Camera/Parallel Projection lines up doors and windows.

Can’t help you with the rest of your inquiry.

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@Gramps is right about the doors and windows-they are placed above the rest of the linework in the DWG, probably the result of “accidental 3D”.

To get the file to import to the right scale, open the Options dialog (Options button on the Import File dialog box) and set the Import unit to be the same as the base unit used to create the DWG. Feet or Inches for this file.

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Oh my gosh… thank you both! @Anssi @Gramps This worked for both issues!