Please help me with this simple vector import problem

Hello everyone.

I’m at a loss why something that should be so simple is seemingly impossible for me. I thought that by importing a vector file into Sketchup Pro, I would preserve the appearance/shape of the file. I am sadly mistaken.

I have Sketchup Pro, so I believe the only or best way to import a .eps file is to first export it to .dwg (using Illustrator for example), and then import it into Sketchup Pro.

However, this very simple vector of a crown is becoming distorted in places once it is in Sketchup.

Is Sketchup very specific about vectors in order for the program to understand how to draw the .dwg file?

I’m attaching the original .eps file and showing images of it and the problem of the .dwg file once Sketchup opens it.

Thanks for any help or advice. (63.2 KB)

SketchUp winds up simplifying the edges a bit too much in this case. How large is it? Maybe changing the scale would help.

Or you could skip the vector import and get on with drawing it. I drew one half of it and then copied it to make the other side.

Hi Dave! Thank you for your help. I have solved my problem, and found a second solution thanks to you, (drawing it).
The other solution I just used is to simply “add more anchor points” while in Illustrator to the Vector and then export it.

It worked pretty well. But drawing it from scratch is the best solution as you did.

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