I have generate a DWG and it is 20% bigger than sketchup original

I have generated a DWG from a 2d floor plan I was working on and when I imported into another project it is 20% bigger than original.

This is on Sketchup 2020 that I have just updated to and didn’t have the same issue on the 2018 version I was previously using

Thanks everyone that takes a look

What units did you use for the import.

Can you share the .skp and .dwg files?

Before exporting, switch your camera to Parallel Projection.

I just encountered the same problem, try exporting as .dxf instead of .dwg. Worked for me.

I just did a test. With Camera set to Parallel Projection as @Anssi suggested and the standard top view selected the DWG and DXF exports are both exactly the same size.

Thank you Anssi it was Parallel Projection.
What a rookie mistake. I think its because I was using a different default Template in 2020 than 2018 and I was used to Parallel Projection being the default setting and so didn’t even check.

Thanks again everyone for your help. Much appreciated