Importing Catia model into SketchUp?

Hello Everyone,

I have an automotive client that uses Catia for design and manufacturing. I’m working on a print piece for them and would like to import into SketchUp a handful of automotive component parts, set up each with the same view, and export each to Illustrator and render.

My question: Is there a Catia file export type that will import into SketchUp for this purpose? Keep in mind, I don’t need any texture or material info to export/import. Just the geometry that I can trace over in Illustrator.


Try with stl ? And install the stl plugin.

assuming SketchUp Pro (because required for every commercial use) you may want try the DWG/DXF format.

Alternatively ask the creator for the STEP format and import with the commercial SimLab STEP importer plugin (trial avail.).