STL import to skp (Sketchup Pro) messed/not working

Hello Sketchup-fellows,

I would like to import an .stl file that was created using Catia V5 (I don’t have that software) using Google Sketchup Pro (Version: 19.2.222). When I’m trying to import the .stl-file, sketchup totally messes up the object, as follows:

The object should be a 120mm disk with 5mm height.

The import works with Tinkercad and the .stl-file can also be 3D-printed nicely and opened with Ultimaker cura.

Try importing it using larger units.

Thank you for the hint! I’ve tried mm, cm, m and inch. The import is always messed up. I have also tried using different .stl-files.

What exactly do you mean by “messed up”? Are you referring to all the diagonal lines?

FWIW drawing a disc of 120mm with a height of 5 can take about 25sec in SketchUp,
No need for 25K software…:smiley:

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What are you doing with the other 20 seconds?

About 6 seconds.:laughing: