Importing CAD to SketchUp Make

Hello - I have been using SU Make for a few months and when I first started I could import a CAD file as a jpeg or wmf file and over draw the lines to create colourable planes. In the past week or so the jpeg / wmf is now pixelated which makes overdrawing almost impossible. Why will that have changed since I first started? Someone told me that after 30 days or so of using the free download some functionality drops out. Is that true? If not - what is the best way to import a 2D CAD plan please. Thanks

Hello! Could you check whether you have a checkmark near “Use maximum texture size” in the System Preferences menu?

Hi thanks for your prompt reply

No - I don’t have a checkmark for Maximum Texture Size and I have tried it now with and without the tick and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


The best way to import a 2D CAD plan would be to import the actual DWG/DXF file so that you don’t have to trace over an imported image of limited resolution. Of course you need SketchUp Pro for that.

What operating system are you using? What graphics card? Check to see that the graphics drivers are up to date.

After enabling Use maximum texture size, did you restart SketchUp? If the image quality isn’t any better, is it possible the image you’ve imported is low res?

see if you can download a copy of Sketchup 7. this allows importing cad drawings, so long as you backsave them to AutoCAD 2007 . Once into that version save them and reopen in Sketchup 2016.

there is no need to do this…

there are a number of free, up to date cad import export extensions far more readily available from safe download sites…



Many thanks John - can you advise a safe site please as our company are vey IT security aware and I wouldn’t want to compromise anything

it also needs to be License aware as ‘Make’ is not for Commercial use, and ‘Pro’ has the import/export you need…


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