Import CAD file in SketchUpPRO failed

Hello, I don’t succeed in importing a CAD file into my SUPro file. Usually it’s no problem, but this time it doesn’t work.
I don’t have a CAD licence.
Can anyone help me or met me know how to solve this problem?

Do you get an error message? What is in the dialog that is displayed after the import has finished? Can you post the DWG file?

OM-04217-000 inpl.dwg (786.0 KB) UV-04207-000 Totaalplan.dwg (523.1 KB)

Hello Anssi, thanks for your quick answer, I’m stressing out a bit :slight_smile:
My Sketch Up File is still empty, so if you could help by looking into the problem or maybe you succeed in importing the files into a SU Pro file? Regards, Tanja

This is the error I get

What version of AutoCAD was used to create the files? Perhaps the file is newer than SU2018’s importer can handle.If that’s the case, you either need to save the dwg files back as an older version or get a newer version of SketchUp.

I imported your second one into SU2020 and get this:
Screenshot - 1_29_2020 , 1_26_09 PM

Yes that looks very good. I’m not a CAD expert, don’t know how I can save the file in an older version of CAD. New sketchup version 2020 is not what I desire at the moment. I have to pay again I guess?

If you have AutoCAD or know someone who does, you should be able to Save as… and set it to an older version.

If your Maintenance and Support has been kept up to date, you should be able to upgrade to 2020 without any problem. If not, there’ll be a fee but it won’t be as much as buying a new license from the start.

I don’ t have an autocad licence. Upgrading means reorganizing and it’s not the time for me at this moment :slight_smile:

The file is an AutoCad 2018, 2019 or 2020 file (file version AC1032) You probably need SketchUp 2019 or 2020 to read that. I wonder at your import dialog…
Here it is imported into SketchUp. I used Centimeters as the import unit (is the middle road supposed to be 7500 mm wide?)
OM-04217-000 inpl-cm.skp (743.5 KB)

Dave, I too get the far from origin warning when using Meters as the import unit

Thank you Anssi for helping me, but I cannot open it. error2

Here you go. Sorry, I thought I saved it as 2018…
OM-04217-000 inpl-cm.skp (742.0 KB)

I had meters set as the import unit, too.

Anssi thank you so much! You helped me big time! Is this only the one file? The other file I actually need as well. If it is not to much trouble for you, could you do me that favour as well? I look into upgrading in a couple of weeks, but time is running now.
So sorry to bother you

Here. This one had a number of “Zombies” and “Unnamed blocks” that were ignored.

UV-04207-000 Totaalplan.skp (1019.0 KB)

If you need to do this in the future, ask the person who sends you these to

  • if he/she uses a system like AutoCad Architecture, they should use the “Export to AutoCad” feature in that to create a file that only has standard AutoCad entities
  • save as an AutoCad version 2013…2017 file or older

Depending on what license you have you could install 2020 but keep using the old version for every day work.

I’ve got a few different versions myself running nicely side by side.

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Ah, this is what I want, as my Mac does not show the Version/Year. So, if I had all those versions, they would all just show as ‘Sketchup’.


Anssi, thank you so much! I’ve got what I need and can work on it. Enjoy your evening and if I can be of any help for u let me know (though I’m not an expert in SU haha :slight_smile:

Yeah that is very handy. But how do I choose an older version as the preferred one?

I think you can right click a file, select Open With… and change the default program from there.

Thank you all! I"m new here bur I really feel welcome and you are all very helpfull! Thanks xxx