Can't import autocad files to my sketchup pro 2018

i can’t import autocad model to sketchup pro 2018. It gives error while importing autocad files. Any solution guys???

What is the error?

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my software is not importing the .dxf and .dwg files.

please see the upload…it says import results and then shows nothing. if i press close, dialog box appears. i will be so thankful for ur help. Im running sletchup pro 2018 in Mc-os, High sierra 2017.

Try importing the dxf file into Blender (free) then you can at least see if it’s a file issue or SketchUp issue. Share the file if you like and I will try.

umm the thing is i don’t have Blender in my Mc… do you have any suggestion for Sketchup pro. I am sending u a simple file…hope you will help me.

You need to upload the file here using the attach function.

better use the free Teigha DXF/DWG Viewer and try if saving down to the DWG version 2000 helps.

here it is

Nope didn’t upload

bt it did upload successfully… idk whats happening

How large is the file, maybe just upload it here instead

If it is larger than 3mb it won’t upload.

its 4.4mb. i am uploading new one Drawing1.dwg (24.4 KB)

24kb for the file is suspiciously small, according to my computer at least it’s empty. Can you try uploading the 4.4mb version to

yeah its just a simple plan

saved down w/ Teigha to DWG v2000, works.

Drawing1.DWG2000.dwg (417.2 KB)

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thanks…it was a good idea…now i can import my cad files

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