Importing AutoCad 3D files


We’ve recently upgraded from AutoCad LT to the full autocad with the specialized toolsets, I’ve just done a very quick model doing a square with the architectual walls and drawing some ducting with the MEP to import it into sketchup to see how it would look.

However, when I try import it it says that ‘Warning, some imported geometry is extermely far from the model origin’ etc, but this isn’t the case as its a very quickly small drawn drawing at the origin, done a zoom extents etc on it and it’s fine. I’ve attached the drawing below (It is literally a 30 second drawn tester), can anyone see why it won’t import to sketchup? Does sketchup not support specialized toolsets like the ducting and architectual walls?

Tester.dwg (568.5 KB)


did you try saving your dwg file from autocad in an older version ?
I can’t open your dwg myself as it says it’s been created in a newer version. Import may fail if the dwg file was created with an autocad version that is too recent.
Just a guess, but you could try

AutoCAD MEP 2021 toolset objects exploded into basic AutoCAD objects.

3D SKP model Tester.skp (218.5 KB)

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Spot on worked straight away, thanks for the help both of you.


mihai.s was spot on in the issue with AutoCAD vertical tools have intelligent objects. AutoCAD vertical toolsets also have a built in way to export these files. Click on the red “A” in the top left corner and then select ‘Export’ and then ‘AutoCAD’ and then you can select the version you want (I’m using AutoCAD Arch 2022 in this example).

Also if you want to export a 2D drawing stay in top view and a nice flat 2D drawing will be exported. Switch to a 3D view if you want a 3D drawing to import and work on.