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Hi I’m Jazz, I’m half way through a school project designing and decorating an apartment. Now I’m having problems importing from 3D warehouse, I have a spinning wheel every time I touch the mouse and this can last for more than a day, I’m running out of time to finish. Is this going to get worse as I fill the plan up with more furniture or is it a specific problem? I’m using SketchUp Make 2017 free on line on an iMac about three years old. Any suggestions? Thank you.

The models you are importing from the 3D Warehouse may have more detail than is appropriate for your usage, which may be bogging down the software. I suggest that you import a given model into an empty SketchUp file, and then check the Model Info statistics for numbers of edges and faces as a place to start. You can also check the scale of the model (use the Tape Measure tool on some representative edge or piece) to ensure it’s consistent with the rest of your model, and that the model’s origin is located somewhere in or near the model’s actual geometry.

If you decide that the imported model is usage, then you can copy and paste it into your overall project file.

By the way, there is no such software named “SketchUp 2017 Free”. There is SketchUp Make 2017 (which is a desktop application running locally or standalone on a Windows or Mac computer), and there is SketchUp Free, new in the past couple of months, which is a web browser-based tool. Your comment about on-line suggests you are using SketchUp Free, the browser-based form of SketchUp. SketchUp Free will not have as good performance as the standalone form, in general.

add the link for the model in the Warehouse, and someone may evaluate it for you…

some of them are a mess…


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Thank you for your response. It is still blocked since yesterday so I can’t do anything yet but I will try as soon as I can.

If the SketchUp process has been unresponsive for a day or more, it is probably hung forever. I would use the FInder’s Force Quit feature to kill the SketchUp process and re-launch it.

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