Importing a jpeg

I would like to import a jpeg of a base mapI received from a landscape architect. I will than start tracing over it in Sketchup Pro. I know how to scale it. Is there a way to zoom in, with out the file being so pixilated, or can I import it as a different file name, so I can zoom in and out while tracing over it, with out it pixilating.

Thanks, and Happy New year.

Trace it as a Vector file first (in something like Adobe Illustrator) and then import it as a path.

Pixelating is due to it being a raster image. If the image file is large, you might try Large Image Splitter from the EW to split it into smaller sections. Also, in Preferences>OpenGL make sure Use Maximum Texture Size is enabled.

The answers above are best but also check that you have ‘use maximum texture size’ ticked in Preferences OpenGl. Oh snap!

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thanks, I will give your suggestions a try.

Best of all, go back to the architect and ask for a vector file to begin with, such as a DWG or DXF. No tracing required that way.

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sometimes, an architect needs to protect his design, depending on the stage you’re in, one must estimate what to share. with who.

It should be in the contract. Usually a project is impossible to get going without the architect passing DWG files around. The interior, structural, electrical and HVAC designers work from them. You won’t get far in the profession by withholding information.

Sure but the OP referred to a “base map” so it didn’t sound like it had much to protect.

Thank you everyone for the advice. I have asked for a .dwg, and this is a public park memorial garden area. So, there really is no need for the architect to protect his design. I am just waiting for him to send it to me, and it will make life easier. However, their are going to be instances where I know I will not access to a .dwg file, and I will need to trace over a jpg. I do appreciate the advice from everyone. Thanks.