Import jpg to scale


Can I import jpegs to scale? I start with a properly scaled pdf drawing that I export as a jpg image. Thereby I can influence pixels and scale. Then I want to import that jpeg to be on scale also. Is this possible? So without scaling the image afterwards which is never precise? Can someone help me?


There’s no way to set the scale of the JPG when you import it but if you know its exact dimensions, you could draw a rectangle at those dimensions and import it using the rectangle as a guide.


If you export your vector drawing as a .dwg file and then import that into SketchUp, it will be actual geometry (edges). At that point you could be a lot more precise with scaling it up to the accurate size using the Tape Measure than you would with a jpeg, since you can inference actual endpoints vs just guessing over pixels.

EDIT: When testing this, I found that the imported DWG was already to scale, and didn’t need any modifications. Bonus!


That assumes the PDF is a vector file to begin with. Won’t work for raster.


Correct. I made that assumption in order to provide a solution that didn’t use a raster image. If his PDF was already a raster image, he wouldn’t have to export it as a JPEG in the first place. It was already established it doesn’t work for raster images in his original post. My solution assumes the PDF has vector elements, and is a solution should that be the case.


failing a dxf option, a huge tiff or even png would be better than any jpg…