Import jpeg texture

In a building that I signed, and I’ve been importing a lot jpeg textures. Can I do this suddenly no longer in the same file, I get automatically discover a bug, and my sketchup is closed pro version. It may not be the jpegs documents for no work.

you know maybe how I can fix this?

Sincerely, Mathias

Can you provide any additional details? What are the specifications of your computer? Can you upload the file so we can take a look at it?


In attachment you can see the technical info on my computer, the other attachment is the file that is zipped.

Importing jpeg fails.

Best regards, Mathias

I can not upload my file, keeps loading the file? Can I deliver to you in some way?

I find, however, that the only error is in this file, I can still import jpeg in other files.

Have also tried to import the file into a new document sketchup. But it still does not help.

Hi Mathias, hi folks.

Beware that any texture, components, etc, that you load in a model remains in the file, even if it is not used anymore. This can quickly lead to very large file size.

The remedy is to purge the model (Window Menu --> Model Info --> Statistics --> Purge unused).

If you prefer to purge only textures, without affecting components, open the Material Window (using the same menu or choosing the Paint Bucket Tool).

Just ideas.


Ok thanks for the info, but it still does not work.

Mvg, Mathias

If you cant upload the file to the forums, can you upload it to the 3D warehouse and give us a link? If that won’t work, do you have a dropbox you can use?