Importing a dwg. Visual Issue

I have a client who uses a sub-contractor to create models in SU and then exports to dwg.

My client then re-imports the model into SU to do the rendering. When imported the model “fractures” when orbiting. Zoom extents does not do anything as this is not a clipping issue. The same fracturing occurs when this new SU model is viewed in Navisworks.
I realize that my client could just use the original SU file and not export / import, but that is their workflow atm.

Does anyone have any ideas why this happens? Is is an export / import setting?

It does look awful. How far is the imported geometry away from the origin? What graphics card?

It would be interesting to see the original SKP file to see how it is built.

As @DaveR hinted…
Rendering issues can occur when geometry is a great distance for SketchUp’s world Origin.
The same may occur if component axes are far away from the geometry within the groups context.

See this recent post

As stated, it looks like the issue caused by distance from the origin.

That’s the one! Sorted.

Thanks guys.